Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean!

Hi guys!:)

Today, I would love to share my impressions on the movie I've watched lately, which truly exceeded my expectations. The truth is I am not a zealous fan of Pirates of the Caribbean but my best friend is, and she gave me no other choice than to see it with her;) I did not regret it tho, even if the movie had been boring to me, I wouldn't have. To my astonishement, I was completely caught up in it! I was affraid that I would not understand the scenes correctly if they were related to the events from the previous installment. It turned out that to watch the newest one, you have to be acquainted with first three movies. I must admit that among all the movies concerning Pirates of the Caribbean which I've watched, the newest one is absolutely the best. The whole cast was flawless and I would like to point out that choosing Javier Bardem for the role of Capitan Salazar was indeed a great decision. Spanish words entangled in the conversations carried on in english, the accent with whom the actor pronunced Sparrow, it was very amusing! It was, undoubtedly, such a pleasure for me and my best friend to spot out the short spanish interpolations which appeared as soon as Javier Bardem was on the screen. He's unquestionally an amazing actor, I highly recommend you a movie called Mar adentro which is not only an incredible movie but also an irrefutable proof of his outstanding acting skills. Coming back to the Pirates of the Caribbean, it is really worth to be seen and if you are sceptical about it, just like I was, check it out yourself you will not be dissapointed! 

Considering how the movie ends, I'm guessing that it will be the last installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean. I am not going to ruin the film to you by sharing it, so you don't have to be scared of spoilers here:) Moreover, if my presumptions have worried you, please do not be sad, these are, like I said, only presumptions. The production has lots of fans and enormous box office so if they invent some interesting plot, I am sure they will make another movie!:) That's all for today, if you would like to share your thoughts regarding Pirates of the Caribbean, please do it!:) Bye!:)          

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flowers and their secret power

Hi guys!:)

Today's post is going to be pretty floral! Spring has started its annual mission and it is swiftly making nature come to life. I guess there is no such a creature that would not be eager for a few rays of sun. Personally, I love observing it slowly sinking below the horizon, painting the sky red, gold and pink while the warm wind brings the scent of trees and flowers. It is unbelievably pleasant and it permits your exhausted from solving problems or carrying out duties mind to rest. As a person who was raised by two zealous nature lovers, I can approve it without any hesitation. You can easily calm your nerves by communing with it, focusing only on the sounds, smells and colours which constitue its essential part. In my post I would love to concentrate on flowers and the beauty they please us and animals with. What is really interesting is their language, secret meanings they were given by humans. The one I am interested in is Hanakotoba, the language of flowers which is the important element of Japanese culture. As far as I know Japaneses are shy and pretty secretive people who do not flaunt their feelings. The fear of being rejected is much stronger than the will to openly confess their love to the person they fell for. Flowers are such a great solution to the situations like those as no words are needed to be pronunced. As you can see, their role in Japanese communication is indeed enormous.

The language of flowers is used as well by writers who like hiding hints concerning true meanings of the particular elements of the story in seemingly insignificants objects. Readers are forced to make some effort to discover them and then connect the missing puzzles into one, coherent whole. Sometimes it can be unbelievably hard to the point it becomes annoying, but overall it is amusing and the pride of solving the mistery is irreplaceable:)
I guess in Europe people do not pay much attention to the language of flowers. I feel bad admitting this but I'm not the exception. I think the knowledge of their diverse meanings it's not widespread and very few Europeans is familiarized with them. It's sad because it is such an interesting phenomena, a part of many different cultures. It would be great to cultivate it but I am afraid it will be completely forgotten soon. That's all for today, if you would like to join the discussion, please leave the comment! Bye!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A best friend or a lover?

Hi guys!:)

It has been such a longtime since I last wrote a post and I am deeply sorry for it. The truth is I was ill during whole two weeks and the only thing I was able to do was sleeping and whining about my life. I am still fighting the remains of the flu, however, the duties are calling my name and I must carry them out properly. For today's post I've prepared a pretty interesting, short discussion about friendship and romantic relationship, two types of relation most of the people separate. It is such a popular belief that our lover cannot be our best friend. We intuitively put them in another category and I guess it is because of the intimate gestures certainly reserved only for romantic relationships. Well, it is unquestionably logical. We do not do that with people we consider our besties so the word best friend cannot be used in respect of a lover. I've come across lots of situations where one of the sides got mad at their lovers for calling them best friend. They reacted to it like to an insult. I observed that it is the hierarchy what always causes those arguments. A lover means more important, so if you call them a best friend you understate their value. That's a one big absurd which bothers me to no end. Why?

In my opinion, in dubbing you a best friend, your lover stresses that you are the person they truly treasure, whom their would not hesitate to share their secrets with, whom they would run to if their world crashed down, a person who would go through fire and water to save them if they needed it. Close friendship is certainly built on love, trust and strong attachement. Isn't it what makes you feel important? I am convinced that a lover should be, above all, someone who you could call your best friend. A person your heart considers soulmate. Personally, I long for that kind of relationship. I've also wondered that maybe the other reason why people get angry after being called best friend is that their lover avoided admitting they are in a romantic relationship. I guess they feel that their lover leaves the door open for other people to flirt with them. However, this particular feeling is caused by lack of trust so if you do not trust your lover, what is the point of being together? It just doesn't make sense to me.

That's all for today, if you would like to join the discussion, please leave a comment!:) Don't hesitate to share your thoughts or personal experience! Bye!:)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Celebrating The Earth Day!

Hello guys!:)

Today I would love to pay your attention to the yesterday's event, which was The Earth Day! This unquestionably beautiful celebration has been set up not only to praise nature and its creations but above all to teach people how to take care of the environment suffering from the constantly increasing pollution. During that day campaigns and marches are organised to inspire citizens to follow the most elementary ecological concepts which can make the planet healthier. Waste sorting, taking showers instead of long baths, turning off the light after leaving a room - these seemingly meaningless actions can make improve the poor state of the Earth. The main objectif is to educate the youngest citizens, affect them with love to nature and awake in children the sense of responsability for the planet. I'm convinced that Native Americans and their relationship with the environment, which I described in the previous post, can serve us as a model which we should adapt.

I guess the current state of our planet is the result of taking its every piece for granted for years. People take more and more, usurping everything which has a potential value, destroying what creates an obstacle on the path of realisating their plans. We are usually cruel and reckless in our actions, believing that we are permited to change the environment as we please. In my opinion it's important to celebrate The Earth Day because it reminds people that they should support and respect the planet. It also pushes us to change our attitudes towards nature and its creations and drop our sense of being masters of the world. Earth has been mistreated by people for years and it is high time to repay our depts.

If you participated in some festivals concerning The Earth Day, please share your impressions from it!:) Also do not hesitate to write your opinion in comments, I am always willing to listen to your remarks!:) That's all for today! Bye!:)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Being one with nature

Hello guys;)

Today I would love to make a short note about Native Americans or rather one particular aspect of their undoubtedly broad, colourful and diversified culture. Its small piece which I've been always admiring is their incredibly close contact with nature, their great respect towards its smallest creations. In my opinion, what is truly beautiful is the bond which Native Americans build with their surroundings, the mysterious spirit who permit them to communicate with its least pieces, without any obstacles. Those people have never ordered nature unlike us, the men of civilisation. We've broken all primordial rules being convinced that she is the one who should obey. Native Americans who lived in woods, let it live in them. They were a part of their own environment, the soil under their feet, the sun lightening up their faces, the wind lashing their long hair. Nature was their home, the one who took care of them, who taught them, who made them feel safe and free. They cooperated with it, never abusing its goods. What is also utterly astonishing is the relationship between Native Americans and animals. They never felt superior to the rest of the creatures, never underestimated their intelligence or strength, treating them with respect and learning lessons animals gave them. Those unusual ties is what made those people different among others.

I believe that the zeal with which Native Americans studied behaviour of residents of woods is unbelievable. It proves how good and patient observants they were. It's important to stress that animals constituted only a part of their interests. What fascinated them was the laws of nature, the ones who rule its existance. They looked carefully at weather and learnt how to cope with its quirks. What strongly connects with Native Americans's culture is the notion of spirit. They shaped not only their muscles but also spirit. They were fearless, untamed, proud, unstoppable. The last aspect which made them unusual is how they coped with pain. Of course they had their own methods but most of the time they counted on their minds using its power to fight the awful sensation caused by serious injuries or deep wounds.

Naturally, the culture of Native Americans is way more complex, I decided to present you only those aspects which I admire the most. If you would like to add some others to the list, please leave a comment! That's all for today! Bye!;)

Sunday, April 2, 2017

To heal a broken soul

Hello guys!;)

Today I would love to share my personal sentiments of The shack, one of the most moving and beautifully made movies I have ever seen in my life. At the beginning, it is important to mark that the production is actually an adaptation of a book written by William Paul Young, which, undoubtedly, has stolen the hearts of many people all around the world. What makes it so unusual? you would ask. Undeniably, it is the way it struggles with two perennial questions: Where is God when people are suffering? and Why He does not prevent them? The answer it gave utterly astonished me just like its simplicity.

I have an impression that the book is, above all, dedicated to people who lost their trust in God, who believe He abandoned them when they needed Him the most, to those whose personal tragedies persuaded them that God does not love and care about His own creation as He lets it slowly lose itself in misery. If you are one of those people, The shack can drastically change your perception of God and soothe the pain constantly poisonning your wounded heart. Personally speaking, I will keep its incredibly moving story forever in my mind. So what is the book about?
At the beginning, we meet the main character, Mackenzie Phillips, a man whose youngest daughter, Missy, was kidnapped and then brutally murdered in an old shack, hidden deep down in the woods, a place him and his children had chosen for a family camping. 4 years later, Mack receives a mysterious letter, in which God invites him to the shack, the source of his darkest nightmares, to spend with him the whole weekend. This unusual meeting changes his life dramatically.
In my opinion, the book as well as its movie adaptation can strenghten your faith and learn you how to overcome hatred and spread love, the task your soul was created to do. I believe it really has a power to heal the interior, invisible wounds, to help people who feel lost, rebuild their bond with God. It raises their spirits by stressing that He is always by our side, whenever we cry or laugh. The author also touches a pretty sensitive subject which is forgiving the ones who hurt us. It presents it as a part of our own recovery which lets us put out a burning hatred that devours our heart.

I highly recommend you The shack and its movie adaptation which can really make you burst into tears and change positively your attitude towards God. If you read the book or watched the film please share your thoughts in the comments! That's all for today! Bye!;)         

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A painful memento

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At the beginning I would like to apologize that it was no post last sunday. It is not that I simply brushed it off, absolutely not, I was pretty busy with my personal duties and I didn't have much time to collect my thoughts concerning an idea, which had appeared in my mind, and share them with you. I promise I will compensate you, my readers, for my negligence and I will make one extra post in the near future, to repair the messed up schedule.

So today I want to pay your attention to another, beautifully created, heartbreaking game which undoubtedly constitues a pearl among the others. It breaks all those outdated stereotypes spreaded by people who are convinced that this particular category of entertainment cannot be used to lofty aims, that it does not represent any value as its functionning is reduced to some thoughtless clicking. That dragon, cancer denies, with such ease, this awful theory. Why? The game is a collection of memories of Ryan and Amy Green, the parents whose 5-years-old son called Joel died due to cancer, who was diagnosed scarcely 12 months after his birth. It is a personal diary which lets you immerse into a heartaching struggle of two people who tried their best to, at least a little bit, sweeten the short, marked by pain, life of their lovely child. In the game you are put into different places where you interact with objects and Joel to reconstruct the memory while you are listenning to the parents interiour dilemmas and slowly meeting their personal thoughts, experiencing the emotions and fears they were forced to face, practically everyday. It is a sentimental journey where you can come across lots of touching letters, cards and voicemails dedicated to the Greens in which people, who'd been in the same or similar situation, show their support to the suffering family. The saddest, most overwhelming scenes are the ones where pain, sorrow and helplessness, the loyal companions of the parents, are presented in a pretty metaphorical way. There is a scene in which a doctor informs Ryan and Amy that the medical treatement did not bring the results they hoped for and it is, as they called it, a tragedy. After the horrible announcement, you can see the water slowly pouring through the windows into the room and you can hear the echo of the words which broke the parents hearts into pieces. In one moment, their world crashed, making them drown in their own tears. In the Internet you can easily find interviews where Ryan and Amy explain that the game was a part of long, healing process and that they hope it will help other parents in similiar situations cope with the pain and grief. 

In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful and touching games I have ever seen which does not need any recommondation. If you are interested, please go and check it, it is worth to be seen. That's all for today! Bye!;)