Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean!

Hi guys!:)

Today, I would love to share my impressions on the movie I've watched lately, which truly exceeded my expectations. The truth is I am not a zealous fan of Pirates of the Caribbean but my best friend is, and she gave me no other choice than to see it with her;) I did not regret it tho, even if the movie had been boring to me, I wouldn't have. To my astonishement, I was completely caught up in it! I was affraid that I would not understand the scenes correctly if they were related to the events from the previous installment. It turned out that to watch the newest one, you have to be acquainted with first three movies. I must admit that among all the movies concerning Pirates of the Caribbean which I've watched, the newest one is absolutely the best. The whole cast was flawless and I would like to point out that choosing Javier Bardem for the role of Capitan Salazar was indeed a great decision. Spanish words entangled in the conversations carried on in english, the accent with whom the actor pronunced Sparrow, it was very amusing! It was, undoubtedly, such a pleasure for me and my best friend to spot out the short spanish interpolations which appeared as soon as Javier Bardem was on the screen. He's unquestionally an amazing actor, I highly recommend you a movie called Mar adentro which is not only an incredible movie but also an irrefutable proof of his outstanding acting skills. Coming back to the Pirates of the Caribbean, it is really worth to be seen and if you are sceptical about it, just like I was, check it out yourself you will not be dissapointed! 

Considering how the movie ends, I'm guessing that it will be the last installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean. I am not going to ruin the film to you by sharing it, so you don't have to be scared of spoilers here:) Moreover, if my presumptions have worried you, please do not be sad, these are, like I said, only presumptions. The production has lots of fans and enormous box office so if they invent some interesting plot, I am sure they will make another movie!:) That's all for today, if you would like to share your thoughts regarding Pirates of the Caribbean, please do it!:) Bye!:)          

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