Sunday, May 14, 2017

A best friend or a lover?

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It has been such a longtime since I last wrote a post and I am deeply sorry for it. The truth is I was ill during whole two weeks and the only thing I was able to do was sleeping and whining about my life. I am still fighting the remains of the flu, however, the duties are calling my name and I must carry them out properly. For today's post I've prepared a pretty interesting, short discussion about friendship and romantic relationship, two types of relation most of the people separate. It is such a popular belief that our lover cannot be our best friend. We intuitively put them in another category and I guess it is because of the intimate gestures certainly reserved only for romantic relationships. Well, it is unquestionably logical. We do not do that with people we consider our besties so the word best friend cannot be used in respect of a lover. I've come across lots of situations where one of the sides got mad at their lovers for calling them best friend. They reacted to it like to an insult. I observed that it is the hierarchy what always causes those arguments. A lover means more important, so if you call them a best friend you understate their value. That's a one big absurd which bothers me to no end. Why?

In my opinion, in dubbing you a best friend, your lover stresses that you are the person they truly treasure, whom their would not hesitate to share their secrets with, whom they would run to if their world crashed down, a person who would go through fire and water to save them if they needed it. Close friendship is certainly built on love, trust and strong attachement. Isn't it what makes you feel important? I am convinced that a lover should be, above all, someone who you could call your best friend. A person your heart considers soulmate. Personally, I long for that kind of relationship. I've also wondered that maybe the other reason why people get angry after being called best friend is that their lover avoided admitting they are in a romantic relationship. I guess they feel that their lover leaves the door open for other people to flirt with them. However, this particular feeling is caused by lack of trust so if you do not trust your lover, what is the point of being together? It just doesn't make sense to me.

That's all for today, if you would like to join the discussion, please leave a comment!:) Don't hesitate to share your thoughts or personal experience! Bye!:)

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